In my late twenties, I worked at a small, independent film production company that made me feel dead inside. It was a soul-crushing job. My boss was a narcissistic egomaniac who had angry outbursts nearly every week and would throw staplers across the conference room in fits of rage. When I mustered up enough courage to confront him about it, he laughed and shrugged it off as being “passionate.”

He also bought me red roses every Monday “because you’re pretty and deserve pretty things” and constantly tried to force me to go to dinner with him “to talk about business”.

I didn’t last long in that job, but I wish I would’ve known then what I know now. I would’ve been more vocal and less scared to speak up. I would’ve been more emotionally resilient and less energetically drained. I would’ve focused more on the spiritual and less on the flesh.

What I know now, that I didn’t know back then, is that even in soul-crushing jobs with overbearing bosses, difficult customers or annoying co-workers, God exists.

And not only does God exist, He RUNS the place.

Without God’s breath, the office wouldn’t have life.

Sure, it might be a dysfunctional and negative environment, but it’s the people who choose to make it that way, not God.


If you find yourself in a meaningless, dead-end job or working in a spirit-draining place, and for your own reasons, you can’t leave yet, here are some ideas to bring God into your 9-5 grind.

Play hide-and-seek with Jesus. Actively look for Him at your work-place. If you’re not into Jesus, look for spiritual or religious clues that resonate with you. You may find a cross pendant on your co-worker’s neck, a spiritual book on your boss’s shelf, or a biblical quote on a colleague’s desk. Or you may witness an act of kindness between two customers, a warm smile that touches you a little deeper, or a gesture filled with grace and purpose. Turn it into a fun game and ask the Universe, Jesus, or whoever you believe in, to show you clues. This is a private, secret, mischievous game between you two; no one needs to know why your eyes light up suddenly when you walk around the hallway corner and see a ray of shimmering sunlight sneaking through a crack in the window blinds, as if it was placed there just for you.

Make God your boss. You don’t work for XYZ company and your boss is not the person in charge in your division. Your boss is God. God is the source of your income. He may use the company that employs you as a vessel through which you get paid, but make no mistake, God is the one and only who signs your paychecks. Your real employer is God. Abundance flows from God through others. When you begin to think of money as an energy flow originating from the source, from God, your viewpoint of “making” money, “earning” money and any other limiting beliefs you have dissolves in the light of truth. The Truth is God is the only source of abundance and when you openly give and receive, you become a witness to, and a vessel of, His never-ending generous flow. But you must first see through the veil that a company, business, organization or person provides your livelihood. And then you must acknowledge the purity of money as an energetic flow and exchange and release your negative, false and toxic beliefs about money. God is your source. And anything that comes from God is good. Period.

Your real work is to serve God. If you subscribe to the idea that God is your boss, then it’s only reasonable that your work is to serve your boss. So, how do you serve God? By being kind to His children. No matter what line of work you do and what duties are listed on your job description, your job is to serve. If you work as an attendant at a gas station, you have the opportunity to spread a little kindness and compassion to everyone that passes through. You provide them with a convenient service to make their lives a little easier, whether it’s filling their cars up with gas so they can safely get to where they need to go without stalling in the middle of a freeway, or accepting their financial energy in exchange for a bottle of water so they can hydrate their bodies on the way home. Nothing is taken for granted and nothing is menial and ordinary when you look at your work in this way. We have absolutely no idea what struggles and pain others are going through in their lives and when we look at every interaction with another person as a call to serve our Lord and express kindness, every act we do is infused with meaning, even something as simple as a smile. Your job then becomes one of holy purpose, no matter what line of work you’re in.

Like the sun, God is always there, even when you can’t see Him. Even when the clouds are heavy and dark, the storms are thrashing you and you’re drenched, cold and feeling forsaken, God is always HERE.

Even at your job.

Even in your egomaniac “boss”.

Our work is to keep our eyes inwardly gazed upon our Lord, despite what is happening “out there”, and bear witness to Him through the darkness and craziness of this world – and our work place.