Sometimes I sit and stare at a blank screen. 


I feel the urge to write, yet the words lie dormant.


My fingers stand firm on their assigned keys like pawns on a chess board… alert, ready, waiting for the first move.


The cursor blinks, waiting… waiting… waiting…


The white page beckons to be filled. 


Hello inspiration? Hello ideas? Anything?


Still waiting…. blinking….. blankness…. white. 


I ask, “God, what do you want me to write?”


After all, this blog is for Him. He asked me to create it.


I hear subtly, “Write what you know about me.”


“What do I know?” I ask. 


It’s a legit question. I’m not being cocky, I really mean it. 


What do I know about God?


I can write what I THINK I know, but that could be totally different from the truth.


“I didn’t ask you to write what you think you know. I asked you to write what you KNOW,” I hear. 


The voice comes from somewhere inside but slightly above and behind me. 


I think, But what if what I know isn’t the truth? Then I’m misguiding people. Then I’m teaching the wrong thing. Then I’m doing more harm than good. What can anyone really truly KNOW about God anyway? People claim to know things about God all the time but there are as many different KNOWINGS about God as there are people. And we all believe that what we know is true. Who’s to say which knowing is real? I don’t know if what I know is truth and I don’t want to be a part of the false teachings in this world. 


“Write what you know,” it repeats, as if it didn’t hear anything my thoughts just said. As always, God refuses to entertain my incessant thoughts.


What I know is this moment…  all too well. God gives me a simple suggestion (command?) and I muck it up with a gazillion thoughts and objections and doubts. My mind starts coming up with implications of what might happen if I listen to Him, reasons as to why it’s probably not a good idea to do it and endless questions of who, what, when, where and how. They make sense, all very rational and justified…  at least in my head… but in the end, they keep me from doing what God has asked of me.


In this case: write what you know.


I close my eyes, take a deep breath and pause…


Silence the thoughts, let them fade into the background. 


I follow His lead. If He’s unwilling to entertain these thoughts, so am I.


Peace, be still.


I ignore everything else, all the millions of chattering voices, and I focus on The One voice that matters, repeating His command over and over until they lock in and become louder than the others. 


Write what you know.


Here’s what I know about God:


He’s neither a he nor she. He’s an It. A very personal IT made of love beyond bound and intelligence beyond knowledge. He cannot be described. I know this and yet I try to describe he, she, it, anyway.


It’s silly to try to describe the indescribable.


You want to know who or what God is?


Close your eyes. Silence your thoughts, let them fade into the background. 


Peace, be still.


God is the silence, the stillness between thoughts.


God is the white space on my screen when I don’t know what to write.


God is the words pouring out of me when I’m inspired.


God is the inspirer, the inspiration and the inspired.


God is also the frustration of not knowing what to write, the writer’s block and the waiting.


He’s the cursor blinking, the staring at the white walls, the searching for the words. 


God is all of it. Everything. Always. 


You want to know who or what God is?


Look in the mirror. 


See that invisible being staring back at you? Not YOU, not Tree, not whatever-your-name-is, not the human persona that you think you are… but the YOU beyond those eyes. The awareness that has been with you throughout time, when you were 5, then 15, then 40, and now. 


THAT is God.


We are God. 


God is us.


Yes, even the dirty, rotten, mean, unenlightened, low-level base ones who do unspeakably cruel things to others. They too are God.  


Yes, even that annoying coworker you don’t like, the cheating partner who left you and the drunk parent who hit you.


We are God.


God flows through each of us as assuredly as he she it flows through Jesus and Buddha and yes, even Trump.




This is what I know about God. I don’t like it. It doesn’t seem fair, but this is what I know.


He She It is in everything. In all ways. Always. 


Is it easier for you to love someone when you know that God flows through him, her or it?


Whether you love them or not, God flows through both of you regardless. He flows through your anger, pain and brokenness as readily as He flows through theirs. 


We are nothing without God because we are God. Nothing exists outside of God, He is everything. He’s our breath, the life under the breath and the wind carrying the breath. 


When we stop breathing and our lives have come to an end, He’s there too. He’s the stopping of the breath. He’s the end.


And He’s the beginning. Only our bodies have stopped. And he flows through the dead body in the same way that he continues to flow through your new spirit body. 


In all your ways, acknowledge Him. 


Because he is in all your ways.


There’s no escaping.


Because he IS the escaping. 


No matter what you do, He is in all of you. All of it. All of everything and nothing and the space in between.


You say you want to know God but you really don’t. 


What you want to know is your idea of the goodness of God. You want to know the unconditional love, the amazing grace, the bountiful glory and the Kingdom. 


But if I told you that God is also in Hitler, would you want to know Him? 


If I told you that God is in the slums in India, in the heaps of trash and poverty and filth, would you want to know Him?


Do you really want to know God – all of Him – or do you only want to know your perception of a good God, the light and rainbows and fairy tales?


How can God be the darkness, despair and destitution? Isn’t He supposed to be the way, the truth and the light?




He is all of it. 


If you truly want to know God, SEE HIM IN EVERYTHING.


Use your Godsight to enhance your eyesight and your vision will be lifted.


And then, you shall know the truth.


And the truth shall set you free.