Having to protect your energy sucks.

You know what sucks more?

Not knowing HOW to protect your energy.

If you’re a sensitive soul, lightworker, intuitive or empath, the struggle is REAL. You understand what it’s like to be an emotional sponge because you take in and absorb other people’s energy, ending up feeling drained and exhausted.

Other people don’t understand this and think you’re just being too sensitive or overly dramatic, and that makes you feel even worse. 

They give you tips like, “toughen up,” or “just shrug it off,” or “get over it, already.” 

Now you’re not only drained and exhausted, but you also feel dismissed and invalidated.

Good times. 🙄

The good news is you CAN learn how to protect your energy and there ARE people who understand you. 

😉 Just maybe not the people you’ve been hanging around with (who, ironically, are a reason you feel the need to protect your energy). 

In my 50+ years of being on this planet, I’ve learned that it’s not really about protecting my energy as much as it is about grounding myself in my own divine energy so that no one else’s energy can take over mine. 

In this video, I teach 3 of my favorite grounding techniques. They’re my favorite because they’re simple, they work, and they call in the power of your body’s wisdom to help you. 

If you’re struggling with social anxiety, emotional overwhelm or stress, these techniques can help too. In this video, you’ll learn three easy grounding techniques that can help you in any situation, whether you’re trying to protect your energy or struggling with social anxiety. No need for crystals, meditation, or visualization. These techniques can be done on the spot, anywhere, anytime, without anyone even noticing.

Learn how these techniques helped my clients, like (not their real names)…

1) Joanna always caved in when her mom asked her to do things she didn’t want to do. Every time she found the resolve to say no, her mom would pull all the manipulative narcissistic tricks to get her to change her mind (guilt, shame, blame, etc) and they always worked. Until Joanna tried technique #1.

2) Marie had severe anxiety every time she had to go over a bridge. This stopped her from being able to go places, travel and explore new areas with her husband, and when she forced herself to go, she was anxious about having to drive over the bridge for days, not able to relax until it was over. And then she’d worry about having to go back over it for the rest of the trip. She practiced technique #2 until the anxiety went away completely. And now she can go travel with her husband without fearing bridges.

3) Max has a big family, some of whom are pretty toxic and bring out the worst in him, even though he’s done a lot of work on himself. Throughout the year, he doesn’t have to deal with them, but he used to dread holidays because that’s when all the family members come to town and everyone gathers for a holiday feast. He used technique #3 to help him get through the family dinners, and actually started enjoying himself AND their company!

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