Understand the Energetic Psychology of Why Setting Boundaries Is Difficult For An Empath & Learn A Simple 3-Step Process to Set Healthy Boundaries, Even When You Feel Guilty


In this 10-video course, you’ll understand the energetic psychology of why setting boundaries (and sticking to them) is difficult for those who care deeply and you’ll learn a simple 3-step process to set healthy boundaries even when you feel guilty. Topics include an in-depth look at the cycle of healthy vs unhealthy boundaries, what happens when you don’t set boundaries (how it not only hurts you but the other person as well), how feeling guilty doesn’t mean you did something wrong, not wanting to hurt other people’s feelings and ways to set a boundary that won’t make you feel bad.

Here’s a small glimpse of what you’ll learn in the Boundaries Course:

  • How to say “no” without feeling selfish, demanding or bitchy
  • Why you feel so incredibly guilty as an empathic person when you say “no”
  • How to ease your guilt when setting boundaries
  • The sociological reason why you feel responsible for other people’s feelings
  • Why it’s unhealthy to spare people’s feelings and why it disempowers them
  • The difference between a healthy and an unhealthy boundary
  • Three simple steps to setting boundaries
  • A graceful and effective way to say no to narcissists and boundary bulldozers
  • A word-for-word script to say to a narcissist so they honor your boundary
  • What you should NEVER EVER do when setting a boundary with those who don’t honor your boundaries
  • How to set boundaries with people who don’t care about your boundaries
  • How to stick to your boundaries once you set them (even if you feel selfish and guilty)
  • How to prepare others to honor your boundaries before you set them
  • And so much more!

The Boundaries Course is for you if:

🩷 You try setting boundaries but can’t stick to them.

🩷 You feel incredibly guilty and selfish when you set boundaries (or when you do things for yourself).

🩷 You’re a people pleaser and have a hard time saying “no,” even when you’re exhausted.

🩷 You can’t get over that “I’m doing something wrong” or “I’m a bad person” feeling when you put yourself first (especially when others need you).

🩷 You have a narcissist or boundary bulldozer (someone who tramples all over your boundaries) in your life and “no” means nothing to them.

“I used to think that I couldn’t set boundaries because I didn’t love myself, but lack of self-love had nothing to do with it. The truth is I ALSO love the people in my life. Setting boundaries was difficult because I didn’t want to disappoint my children or my loved ones. It’s not that I didn’t love myself, it’s that I love them too, and especially as a mother, sometimes you sacrifice what you want in the moment so that your kids can get what they want. It wasn’t until I learned why that way of doing things was teaching them the wrong values that I started being more comfortable about setting boundaries and ultimately, feeling GOOD about it. Thank you, Tree! Your boundaries course opened my eyes to not only how to love and honor myself more, but also how to be a better mother and person to love and honor my loved ones more.”

Rhoda W.


  • Video 1: Things We Do When We Don’t Have Boundaries
  • Video 2: ​The Cycle of Unhealthy Boundaries
  • Video 3:​ The Cycle of Healthy Boundaries (And About That Guilt)
  • Video 4: Three Simple Steps to Setting Boundaries
  • Video 5: Three Ways to Soften Your No To Ease Your Guilt
  • Video 6: Softening Your No – Method 1
  • Video 7: Softening Your No – Method 2
  • Video 8: Softening Your No – Method 3
  • Video 9: Setting Boundaries With Narcissists & Boundary Bullies
  • Video 10: How to Prepare Others to Honor Your Boundaries In Advance
  • BONUS: A blueprint with a word-for-word framework on exactly what to say to narcissists and boundary bullies (those who bulldoze all over your boundaries), and what to say when they push back each time


Hi, I’m Tree and that’s Stick Girl.

Growing up, I’ve always been sensitive and I felt everything deeply, so much so that I often felt like an alien lost in this world. I didn’t fit in and no one else seemed to care much about the things that mattered most. 

Deep down, I knew I was meant for more, and I knew all my pain, suffering and challenges had a purpose (or at least I’d hoped). I just didn’t know what it was.

I tried everything from visualization boards to gratitude lists to protective light bubbles, but no matter how much inner work I did on myself, I kept hitting an unconscious block I couldn’t get through.

It wasn’t until I discovered the truth about my emotions and claimed my own power that I was able to break free and finally find and fulfill my greater purpose.

Since then, I’ve..

✓  Been featured in the Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal and more
✓  Taught about emotional empowerment for empaths at the Shift Network, the Integrated Empath Summit and more
✓ Helped thousands of deep feelers, just like you, get clear on who they truly are, take back their lives and be a force of light in this world


You too can learn to master your energy and become the force of light you were meant to be! Your sensitivity is a gift, it’s time to use them to create a better world for yourself and others. 

“I’m so glad I found you, Tree! You have led me into a transformation that I had no idea in the world was possible! I wake up every morning now, confident that I can handle the day instead of dreading it! I am able to love myself. I know what my core values are and how to use them to ground myself when I feel emotional overwhelm. And I can use my ability to feel the emotions of others to help them feel understood and valid. Thank you so much for helping me on this journey! I am doing things I NEVER EVER thought I could do!”

Claire R.


We believe in the courses in our Academy and we know you’ll experience breakthroughs, transformations and A-HA moments like never before. That’s why we’re confident to offer you this ironclad guarantee**

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“I love your explanation about why it’s better for the other person when I set boundaries and how it serves them. I kept thinking of that when I had to say “no” the other day and felt so good about it.” 

💛 Mike M.


I used to be the one everyone goes to for favors because they knew I couldn’t say no. After taking your course, I’m able to say no with strength and grace. I’m no longer “that person”.

💛 Fran B.


“I’ve been a people pleaser my whole life. Didn’t want to disappoint others or hurt their feelings. Now, I can honestly say the only person I please is myself! And I don’t feel bad or selfish! Thank you!”

💛 Jackie B.


“Your grounding techniques are helping me a lot! I’m already feeling a huge difference, and no longer feel the need to put on lots of armor in the morning!”

💛 Frost


“I procrastinated about doing your emotional exercises all day and night. But I got through it and now I feel so light and free! I wish I did it sooner! Thank you!”

💛 Kat F.


“To be honest, I didn’t believe your technique would work for me. But OMG I was able to go from total despair to total joy in literally seconds, on the first try! WOW!”

💛 Joanne D.


“I’ve taken a ton of courses, attended workshops, read a million books, you name it. I’ve been working on myself my whole life and I have never ever come across courses like yours! They are so specific with how you explain things and your real-life examples. It’s like you crawled in my head and heart and pulled out everything I’ve always thought and felt. It’s like I hit the jackpot with your courses, everything in it is about me and exactly what I’m going through in life!

💛 JP


“Your 4 stages of awakening brought tears to my eyes! Finally, I understood why my growth was happening so slowly even though I tried all the tools the self-help gurus teach and still couldn’t break through. It’s because they weren’t tailored for where I was in my stage of growth. I was beating myself up for not “getting it” but now I know it wasn’t me. It was that no one taught me what I needed to do IN MY STAGE to grow. My breakthroughs are happening easily and quickly now.”

💛 Jada M.


“I found your courses during a very difficult time in my life. A divorce, lost job and an ill elderly parent, all at the same time. I didn’t know how to cope and was on pure survival mode. Your Resilience course helped me process the overwhelming emotions and I used your Heartdiving method every day when I got lost in horrible dark thoughts about myself and life. I clung to that practice as my lifeline and have finally found peace and quiet despite the chaos around me.

💛 Paulie P.


What is the Empathic Awakening Academy?

The Empathic Awakening Academy is the first of its kind, a comprehensive school with on-demand courses and training created specifically for empaths, lightworkers and highly sensitive people. You can learn more about the Academy here.

Will this course help me set boundaries effectively?

Yes, this course is specifically designed to provide you with practical tools, strategies, and insights to help you set boundaries effectively. It covers various aspects of boundary-setting, including understanding the importance of boundaries and how it affects others negatively when you don’t set boundaries. It also gives you a word-for-word script or framework to go by so that you will know exactly WHAT to say, HOW to say it and WHEN to say it.

I struggle with tremendous guilt when I say no. Will this course address that?

Yes, guilt is a common challenge when it comes to setting boundaries. This course dedicates an entire section to helping you understand the cause of your guilt and how to overcome it. You’ll learn practical techniques to assertively express your needs, set limits, and say “no” when necessary, without feeling guilty or obligated to please others at the expense of your own well-being. You’ll also learn why it’s healthier for everyone when there are boundaries.

Will this course help me set boundaries in my close personal relationships?

Absolutely! Boundaries are crucial in maintaining healthy relationships. This course provides guidance on setting boundaries with family, friends, romantic partners, and others close to you. You’ll learn how to communicate your boundaries effectively, address boundary violations, and foster more balanced and respectful relationships. It’s hard to say no, especially to children or spouses, those closest to us. This course addresses that and explains it in a way that’s understandable and practical.

My partner does not take NO for an answer. They keep pushing me until I give in. Will this course show me how to handle them?

100%! That’s what this course is designed for! We call them “boundary bullies”, the ones who bulldoze all over your boundaries. We have an entire section to teach you how to handle boundary bullies and narcissists and tell you exactly what to say to set the boundary, and also what to say when they keep pushing and pushing. We also teach you HOW to say it and what to do to end the conversation when they keep pushing through every “no”. We also show you a way to PREPARE your partner in advance to respect your boundary, without them knowing that you’re preparing them, so that when it’s time to set the boundary, they’ll be more open to it! It’s a psychological trick that only you and I will know. Shhhh, it’s our secret.

If I don't consider myself an empath, can I still benefit from the courses?

All of the courses in the Academy were created for those who are empathic, whether you self-identify as an empath or not. The lessons and teachings are for anyone who feels deeply, is highly sensitive, intuitive or dabbles in the field of energy. For those who wish to develop spiritually, have an interest in and commitment to deepening their awareness and become more conscious to the divine Presence, the Academy can help.

How can I cancel?

Canceling is easy. Within your account profile, you can cancel at any time by clicking “cancel”.

Are there any cancelation or early termination fees?

There are NO cancelation or early termination fees. There are no contracts. You can cancel at any time.

If I purchase the individual course, how long do I have access to it?

You’ll have access to the individual course forever. If we ever retire the course, we’ll give you ample notice and time to download all the course content onto your computer or hard drive.

If I purchase the individual course, is there a recurring charge?

There are no recurring charges for individual courses. The “one time” price you see is the only charge you’ll receive. If you choose to join the Academy for access to ALL the courses, there will be a recurring monthly charge of $97.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

We believe in the courses in our Academy and we know you’ll experience breakthroughs, transformations and A-HA moments like never before. That’s why we’re confident to offer you this ironclad guarantee**

Individual courses: If you take the course and don’t achieve the results you’re hoping for within 30 days, we’ll give you your money back in full.

Academy membership: If you don’t achieve the results you’re hoping for, we’ll not only refund your last payment, we’ll also give you $100!*

There are no contracts, no cancelation fees, and no hidden fees.

*For annual plans, refund must be requested within 30 days of payment.
**See Terms and Conditions for refund details.