Love letter to a highly sensitive empath

Dear Overwhelmed, Sensitive Soul,

Is the world too much for you these days?

Feel the suffering of our collective humanity deep in your being?

Your own family and loved ones getting on your nerves?

There’s no escape, is there?

I know.

I hear you.

I feel you.

I sense your pain.

In fact, you’ve felt too much for too long that now you’ve become a hollowed out shell of a person.

Kind of numb. But not really.

Still suffering.

Still feeling.

Still thinking.

Always thinking. SO much thinking!

It’s a never ending loop of thoughts that chatters through the night, keeping you awake, staring at the blank ceiling, frustrated, helpless, tired.

So tired.

I know the awful thoughts you’re thinking in the privacy of your mind… about your family, life, other people, yourself, God.

I know the guilt and shame you feel for thinking these thoughts.

I know the pain and sting of these private thoughts suddenly blurted out in the open for others to hear in a moment of uncontrollable emotional and verbal release.

And I know the immediate, subsequent recoiling of shame, guilt and regret as the wounded eyes upon which the words fell stare back at you with hurt and shock.

It’s like a snake whipping its head out to attack in an unconscious moment of fear and defense, only to find that it spit venom into its own spawn.

Hear me on this:

Your thoughts do not make you a bad person.

Your actions and reactions do not make you a bad person.

Your emotions do not make you a bad person.

The way you’re handling the state of our current COVID-19 world does not make you a bad person.

Whether you’re loving life and feeling guilty for your enjoyment while others are suffering, or you’re hating life and feeling depressed for all the suffering…

… you are a beautiful soul.

You are a beautiful human being.

Stop now, dear one.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Shhhhh…… Quiet….. Listen….

Do you hear it?

The love pulsing through you?

There is so much love for you. Here. Now.

Yes, YOU, every part of you – even the parts you consider ugly, the Divine considers beautiful and precious.

OH you beautiful, precious, overwhelmed, sensitive soul!

If you can only glimpse a teeny tiny miniscule fraction of the everpresent, pure and unconditional love flowing in your direction, through you, in you, out of you, under you, over you, from you, you would fall on your knees in tears and gratitude for the absolute, overwhelming power of everflowing presence and grace.

It’s right here.

Not there.


It’s in you.

Not everyone-else-except-you.


It’s now.

Not later-when-you’re-worthy.


Wait, what, you can’t feel it? You don’t sense it?

Don’t believe me?

Try this.

You know that aching heart of yours?

That place inside that hurts so much, that’s been broken and mended and broken again, a million times over. That painful, beating, throbbing, pulsing, shattered heart of yours that keeps you alive.

Put your hand over it.

Close your eyes and listen. Actively listen and feel its vibration, pulsing under the palm of your hand.

Love letter to a highly sensitive empath

Don’t turn away. Keep your gaze on the bandaged place. That’s where the light enters you.


Do you feel the life inside it, underneath your chest?

Do you sense the light throbbing in there?

The reason you feel so deeply is because you have so much light trying to enter (and express itself).

This light… it’s living, breathing, doing, being.

All without your help.

What’s keeping it beating if you don’t have to think about maintaining it all day, every day? What’s keeping it going when you’re sleeping? Does someone have the night shift to keep it functioning while you’re resting?

How does it know to pump blood in and out, all day, every day, without any kind of training from you? Did it go to Heart 101 school?

How does it have the energy and strength to do it all day and night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, without taking a lunch break or a 2 week vacation?

How is it still alive when you’re not controlling it, running it, thinking about it?

What keeps that light, that life, inside you?

Close your eyes, dear one.





Cry, if you must.

Dear loving, beautiful, precious, overwhelmed, sensitive soul,

You are loved.

You are lovable.

You are loving.

You ARE love.

You are the purpose of life.

Everything is going to be okay.

All is well.

Really, really well.

Something bigger than you, bigger than me, bigger than humanity, is running this joint, this Earth, this Life.

All we need to do is surrender into this knowing and trust.

You don’t have to trust. But you’ll be happier if you do. You’ll find peace in trust.

Regardless, Love will continue to flow. Life will continue to flow.

The Divine will continue to dance.

And you will continue to be danced through it.

And you will always be loved.

No matter what, you worthy, loving, beautiful, precious, overwhelmed, sensitive soul, you!

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