My favorite movie of all time is The Matrix by the Wachowski sisters. I watched it 12 times the first week it came out, no joke. I’d watch it in the movie theater then hide in the bathroom and sneak back in immediately after to watch it all over again. I don’t even remember what I had for breakfast this morning but I remember clearly the afternoon I first saw it 25 years ago. 


I was looking for a bathing suit at the mall. I’d been there for 2 hours and was frustrated because I couldn’t find anything I liked and could afford. When I was a kid, they used to sell bikinis as one piece with one price. But as an adult, somehow they started selling tops and bottoms separately, and you had to buy two pieces to make up one suit, with each piece costing at least $30. I don’t particularly enjoy shopping, and back then, I could only afford half of a bathing suit, so I was cranky, hungry and energetically exhausted from being in a mall for 2 hours, and angry at society for the way things were. 


I hadn’t yet learned the power of mastering my energy back then. 😉


In my frustration, I happened to walk by a theater in the mall and decided to watch a movie and escape my petty problems (which didn’t seem so petty at the time). 


Oh. My. God. 


I walked out of that movie theater and mall a completely different person.


The world was not the same.


The people around me were not the same.


My view of everything had changed. 


Finding a bathing suit no longer mattered. 


What mattered was that I was living in a computer program and enslaved by it!


I won’t ruin the movie for you if you haven’t seen it but let’s just say there are a lot of parallels in the movie to this thing we call life. 


The transformation that the main character Neo undergoes during the movie is the same transformation that my clients and students have. It’s always the same.


First, disbelief.


That you’re living in a program. It may not be a computer program like in the movie, but it’s a program nevertheless. Society’s program with society’s rules and constructs. A society that has conditioned you to believe that you’re not worthy, not good enough, your feelings and opinions don’t matter, and you have to struggle through life. A society that teaches you that life “out there” is more real than life “in here”, to follow only your 5 senses, and to dim your light so that others won’t think you’re selfish or arrogant, or so you don’t make others feel bad. 


And then, after disbelief comes an opening. 


A slight opening at first. 


Neo wanted to believe there was more to his life, more to him, and when Morpheus tells him “You have to let it all go, Neo. Fear, doubt, disbelief. Free your mind,” he attempts to believe it and leaps off the building. But his programmed beliefs take over and instead of flying, he falls, smashing onto the ground. 



He wasn’t free, but it was a start. 


And that initial opening – the first desire to believe, to free his mind, set him on the path to eventually truly know who he is and free himself of the conditioning and subconscious programs that had previously run his life.


I love this movie because I’m Neo.


And so are you.


The world out there is a program, similar to the Matrix. 


We’re not humans living on earth.


We’re souls having a human experience in a construct we collectively call Earth. 


If you can begin to see the truth in this, you’re on the path to freeing your mind. 


And that’s when miraculous, amazing things will begin to happen in your life, defying all logic and breaking society’s rules of what’s realistic and normal. 


You won’t try so hard to change your circumstances anymore, you’ll simply change your perception of things and the circumstances out there will conform to your new beliefs. 


People will start calling you lucky. 


They’ll say you have the Midas touch.


They’ll even ask for your advice. 


And you’ll tell them what you know, and they won’t believe you.


They’ll think it could never happen to them, that somehow you’re different. They’ll think they’re not good enough, smart enough, worthy enough to “get it” – whatever it is that you have. 


And you’ll tell them that’s not true, and they won’t believe you.


In the same way you don’t believe me now.


I’m telling you…


You are free.


You are beyond worthy, beyond good enough, beyond powerful.


You have the power within you to be, do and have anything you want, right now.


It doesn’t require more hard work, more struggle, more time or more learning.






You have the power within you to be, do and have anything you deeply desire.


Believe it and it’s yours.


Actually, it’s yours already, whether you believe it or not.


But life’s more fun and easy when you believe it. 


To your freedom,