In this video, I show you why popular and widespread advice, tools and techniques you’ve been taught by well-meaning self-help and personal development coaches, gurus and teachers can be extremely harmful and why they aren’t working for you.

Most empaths struggle to protect their energy from others, heal their emotional wounds and move from a place of weakness, fear and disempowerment to a place of strength, knowing and power. We’ve done so much work on ourselves, from workshops and seminars to online courses and self-help books and beyond.

We’ve created vision boards, gratitude lists and we’ve cried our share of tears in therapist offices. And yet, we still find ourselves reliving and repeating the same toxic patterns in our lives over and over again. Just when we thought we’d finally healed and moved past it, BAM, something happens, and we’re right back where we started, feeling like we’ll never get this spiritual growth stuff right.

The problem is not us, it’s that we are BOMBARDED with one-size-fits-all advice. And you and I both know our individual problems, challenges or experiences are not one size. What works great for me may be absolutely detrimental for you, and vice versa. 

Watch the video to learn why popular one-size-fits-all self-help advice is risky, and then click the button below to take the free quiz and find out which stage you’re in.