I used to think anger was an unspiritual emotion. Whenever I felt angry, I tried to convince myself that I was above such feelings. But the truth is I was afraid of it. 

Looking back, I realize this fear stemmed from my own energetic power. I was afraid of what might happen if I surrendered to my anger and let it take control. I knew that my words could deeply hurt others.

If you’re highly sensitive or an empath like me, you understand how to hurt people emotionally. You sense what’s really going on beneath the surface: their insecurities, fears, and motivations. Because of this intuition, you know precisely what to say to wound them, if you choose to.

Fortunately, or hopefully, you don’t act on this knowledge because you value kindness, love, and empathy, which are deeply ingrained in you, and you strive to follow the more loving and authentic path. 

This is why anger can be particularly challenging. Unlike sadness, which is more passive and quiet, anger is a dynamic and intense energy. 

When you’re sad, you might cry, talk it out with a friend, or simply sit and feel it, but it doesn’t create a powerful aggressive impulse. Anger, however, demands expression. It’s explosive.

When you feel tight and restrictive when you’re angry, it’s not the anger itself causing this. It’s your attempt to resist it, to hold it back or keep it in. In a way, you’re trying to implode the explosion. But suppressing anger only makes it more intense, because anger is one of those emotions that needs to be expressed outwardly otherwise it will take root inwardly, in your body, leading to physical problems. 

Remember that emotion is simply energy in motion. Emotions need to flow, to move, in order to be released. Some emotions move softly and quietly, like loneliness, while others demand force, like anger. 

I now know that all emotions are spiritual so let’s honor our emotions and give anger a safe outlet where no one gets hurt, including you.

In the video below, I demonstrate a powerful healing technique to release anger.

The next time you’re feeling angry, instead of lashing out at someone or holding it in, do this technique to safely and powerfully release it.