Ever leap and the net didn’t appear?

I have! 😔

Painful, eh?

Isn’t it disheartening when people tell you to trust God or the Universe when you’ve tried so many times before and it didn’t work out? 😡 You WANT to trust but you’ve been burned before, so how do you trust again?

I just posted an interview I did with the Shift Network a while back about my personal experience with this. I talk about the dissonance that’s created when we try to trust the Universe and take a leap of faith, but end up disappointed because things didn’t work out.

In this session, you’ll:

🙏 Uncover the real reason why the net hasn’t appeared for you (it’s not because you’re unworthy)

🙏 Learn how to let go of doubt and uncertainty and start trusting (even when the Divine has failed you before)

🙏 Discover why the myth “leap and the net will appear” is a harmful misconception

If you don’t have 40 minutes to watch the entire interview, here are some of the things we discussed, below. Go to the video and skip to the timestamp that interests you.

1:00 How do we trust that things are going to be okay when we see so many things in this world that are not okay?

2:54 The first step to surrender and trust

3:33 When you want things to happen by a certain time (ie: placing a timeline on your desires)

3:50 Why is it difficult for us to let go of our doubts and insecurities

4:09 I trusted and it went wrong. Is it because I don’t believe enough or I’m not worthy enough?

4:59 Three different levels of living: Horizontal, Vertical, Dimensional (Which one do you live in?)

11:14 How empaths are naturally inclined to trust

13:49 How to deal with a partner who isn’t on our level of consciousness or doesn’t have the same beliefs

17:02 How to trust again and again when you keep crash landing on the bottom and it hurts like hell

23:56 Why the net doesn’t appear sometimes

33:00 How to let go of your big problems

36:06 An alternative and liberating perspective about the struggle of worthiness

Here’s a link to my book I mentioned at the end of the video –  HeartDiver: A 5 Step Method To Help You Find, Feel & Heal Your Heart’s Deepest Wounds.