Last night I had a dream that I died and went to Heaven.

Only, I was exactly where I am right now, on Earth. My life is exactly the same, the world is exactly the same, people are exactly the same. COVID-19 craziness, political and social unrest, chaos and disorder, fear and helplessness, unfulfilled dreams and deep longings. 

“How can this be Heaven?” I asked God. 

“Heaven is not a place. It’s a state of being.” 

I looked around and thought, “Well, this state of being sucks. Looks more like hell to me.”

I heard the words immediately, “Hell is a state of being too.” And then instead of hearing more words, it was as if awareness was downloaded into me, as if I’m a computer that was getting a software upgrade or a new program installed. 

This is what I learned:

Heaven exists here on Earth, not in some distant unseen place in the ethereal sky high above the clouds reserved only for those who die after having lived a good and worthy life. 

Hell also exists here on Earth right in the midst of Heaven on Earth, simultaneously, not two different worlds but both as interwoven dimensions layered upon a planet of dirt and water.

We can look around and see the chaos, disorder and ugliness. And we can look around and see the calm, order and beauty. Both exist at once. We can see both at the same time, but where we choose to LIVE, where we choose to have our BEING, where we choose to energetically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally FOCUS, determines whether we live in Heaven or Hell at any given moment.

It’s a choice. Our state of being is not determined by anyone or anything else, including God. Our state of being is determined by our free will. We can beg, plead, scream and cry, praying for salvation, yet the choice remains ours. More so, we don’t have to wait until we attain a certain level of enlightenment, wisdom or worthiness. We don’t have to wait until we’ve suffered long and hard enough, until we’ve proven ourselves worthy, until Divine Grace blesses us, we simply need to make the choice.

Make. The. Choice.

Do I want to live in Heaven or Hell?

Do I want to move through this earth, this life, and have my being in love and beauty? Or do I want to move and have my being in fear and ugliness?  

I can see the fear and ugliness with my eyes and yet still move and have my being in love and beauty.  

Faith is not denying reality. Faith is acknowledging a higher reality.  

I choose the higher reality.

I choose love and beauty.

I woke up with the thought in my mind, “I choose Heaven.”

What do you choose?