For those of us who understand the importance of vibration and frequency, of getting your energy and emotions to a high vibrational place, or for those who are just learning about it, this message is for you.


You work so hard sometimes to raise your vibration to FEEL gratitude and appreciation. Especially when you’re trying to manifest something, because you understand that the more you’re thankful for, the more you will HAVE to be thankful for. It’s what all the manifestation experts teach, including myself. 


Or maybe you’re not actively working on manifesting anything out there in the physical wolrd, like a relationship or money, but you’re working on healing your inner world, and becoming more peaceful and content within yourself, either way, this message is also for you.


What most of us do when we’re trying to find that vibrational space of gratitude and appreciation, we write gratitude lists where we list out all the things we can find to be grateful for, or we keep a gratitude journal, where we look for things every day to be grateful for and write them down in our journal, usually before we go to sleep at night or first thing in the morning. These are the most common things that people do because that’s what we’ve been taught, it’s almost hounded into us by all the teachers. 


And these are great techniques, I’m not knocking them at all. I highly recommend them, and I even teach them, however, if they’re not really working for you in a consistent powerful way, and you find it hard sometimes to muster up those feelings of gratitude and appreciation, I want to offer you a shift in how you perceive things, right now. , 


For some of you, this will be a huge aha moment and something in you will shift. You’ll feel like your mind just expanded and your heart just opened up. 


And For SOME of you, it might just be a subtle shift, a slight movement in your energy, almost imperceptible, but I’m telling you, as an energy healer and coach who teaches people all about energy and how to master theirs, even those subtle, quiet whispers of a shift, make a huge difference and can transform your life in ways you will never know.   


Are you ready? 


You try so hard to find gratitude and appreciation within you, to generate the feeling and vibration of it…. I invite you now to stop actively trying, to stop attempting to force yourself to feel something that you currently don’t, and simply take a breath, get into a receptive space,  listen for a moment and hear this.


Ready? Here it is.


Do you know that God appreciates you? 


Whether you call it God source universe, divine intelligence, whatever naming convention you give it for your own comfort and belief, It doesn’t really matter. 


The point here is that God appreciates you. 


When you can let that soak in, truly take it in and KNOW that you are being appreciated all day, every day, no matter what you’re going through… hardship or joy, pain or sorrow, peace or suffering… You are appreciated by the Divine and everything that you do is enough. 


If you can hear me now, and catch even a glimpse, a tiny tiny fraction of a glimmer of truth that this is actually true, then you will start to feel this deep sense of love bubbling inside you and there will be a rising of gratitude for the appreciation that is being bestowed upon you, right now, in this moment, and always. 


And that is the surest way to get to the frequency of appreciation. 


To recognize that God appreciates you. Deeply, unconditionally and in divine perfection.