Over 12 years ago, when I was new to the idea of manifesting and the law of attraction, I read a book and watched a movie called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. That movie changed my life. In fact, not only did I go legally bankrupt after practicing the steps in the movie, I also lost my house to foreclosure.

Yep, my life sure did change. 

I remember all the hype when the movie came out and how it became an international sensation and everyone was learning the secret and manifesting soulmates and riches and anything and everything that could possibly be manifested and the world was so excited and happy to finally learn this secret that had been hidden for centuries and how it set everyone free! 

And here I was drowning in over $100,000 in debt that was increasing with every new positive affirmation, visualization of abundance and denial of lack.

The more collection notices I received, the more I affirmed my financial freedom (and threw the notices in the trash where they belonged, with the lackful thoughts). The more bills came in, the more I spent to prove to the Universe that I believed in my abundance and that there’s no end to my flow of money.

But evidently, there was. 

Because one day, there was nothing left in my bank account, credit cards or couch cushions.  And no amount of affirmations or visualizations got me out of the hole I had dug. 

I wondered why it worked for everyone else but me. On a deeper level, I wondered what was wrong with me that I wasn’t able to “get it.” And in my darkest moments, I concluded that I wasn’t worthy of having what I wanted. 

I’ve since realized that there was nothing wrong with me, nor did it have to do with my worth.

It had to do with my STAGE. 

It had to do with my level of awareness and where I was along my spiritual journey. 

This is why I have to bite my tongue when I see good people learning great things AT THE WRONG TIME. 

And this is why I’m so passionate about my four stages of empathic awakening and why it’s crucial that you learn ONLY the techniques that are for your stage. 

Spiritual truth given to someone who’s not ready to live by it is not only damaging, it can set them back YEARS in their growth. 

Ever wonder why it takes you so long to learn something?

In the video below, I’m going to show you why popular and widespread advice, tools and techniques you’ve been taught by well-meaning self-help coaches, gurus and teachers are extremely harmful and why they aren’t working for you.


Why Spiritual Truths Can Be Harmful To You


You see, most empaths struggle to protect their energy from others, heal their emotional wounds and move from a place of weakness, fear and disempowerment to a place of strength, knowing and power. We’ve done so much work on ourselves, from workshops and seminars to online courses and self-help books. We’ve created vision boards, gratitude lists and we’ve cried our share of tears in therapist offices. And yet, we still find ourselves reliving and repeating the same toxic patterns in our lives over and over again. Just when we thought we’d finally healed and moved past it, BAM, something happens, and we’re right back where we started, feeling like we’ll never get this spiritual growth stuff right.

The problem is not us, it’s that we are BOMBARDED with one-size-fits-all advice. And you and I both know our individual problems, challenges or experiences are not one size. What works great for me may be absolutely detrimental for you, and vice versa. 

This is exactly why you’re struggling in your growth right now and why it seems like it’s taking forever. It has absolutely nothing to do with your worthiness or your ability to “get it” or any unconscious blocks. It has to do with trying to make a million different one-size-fits-all techniques work for your one very unique and specific point in your journey. 

It wastes an awful lot of time, tears and energy trying even just a handful of them and finding out they don’t work for you. That’s why I’ve created a structured, focused roadmap that you can follow, specific to YOUR point along the way. So you can go easy on yourself and stay focused on the things that matter for where you are and forget about the rest.

By knowing where you are, where you want to go and aiming in a direct path toward your vision and purpose, doing only that which is laid before you on the path, you can live an empowered, purpose-driven life. Nothing can distract you or steer you off-path so you’ll grow faster, move through your problems quicker, learn the lessons and move on, rather than being stuck in them for weeks, months or even years going around and around and around. There’s no more confusion about what to do anymore. You’ll have clarity of purpose and direction, and the right tools to get you from A to B.

That’s the power of having a blueprint. It will give you clarity, confidence and direction on your spiritual journey as an empath, lightworker and sensitive soul. 

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Why It’s VITAL To Know Which Stage You’re In



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