Here’s a clip from an interview I did a few years ago for the Integrated Empath Child Summit.

I answer the question, “What are some ways that parents of children who are highly sensitive can support their children to feel calm, centered and at peace when there are so many factors that can contribute to emotional overwhelm?”

I break down an example of a highly sensitive, empathic or intuitive child out in the world and how they feel the emotions of other people around them. While I talk about the child feeling their own feelings from the day and then taking on the angry man’s feelings and his layers of feelings, I didn’t mention that the child also feels the woman’s feelings too! The woman who is being yelled at by the man also has layers of feelings surging through her that the empath child also feels.

It’s one big mixed vat of emotions swirling around waiting to be absorbed by an empath. 

I also offer two ✨ magical ✨ and fun tools that parents can teach their sensitive and empathic children to help them with their big emotions. 🙂

Thanks to Karyn Kulenovic for interviewing me for her Integrated Empath Child Summit. This interview is part of the Integrated Empath Child Summit, a free online event featuring how to help highly sensitive and intuitive kids manage their abilities and thrive. For more information go to http://summit.theintegratedempath.com/child… This recording is a copyright of Healing In Bloom LLC. All rights reserved.